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  • Brighton, et håndklæde by Karnah
  • Brighton, et håndklæde by Karnah

Brighton bath towel – beige / red

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Bath towel in 100% cotton

Brighton Bath Towel is a large and beautiful bath towel, hand woven in 100% cotton in herringbone pattern. It measures 100 x 190 cm and weighs approx. 320 g.

Brighton Bath Towel is designed by Karnah and is available in five different color combinations.

Brighton bath towel is of the type Peshtemal, also known as Hammam towel and Fouta.

The towels are manufactured in Turkey on hand-operated looms in home workshops, using the same methods that have been used for centuries. The local weavers use different techniques and yarns why two towels often not are completely identical.

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