Marbella is a high quality bath towel in 100% cotton, soft and comfortable, measures 90 x170 cm  and weighs about 490 grams.

Marbella, et håndklæde by Karnah

The towel is twill-woven, ie. woven diagonally. Combining a vertical and a horizontal zigzag twill pattern, formes a so-called diamond design.

It has twisted fringes at the ends and is woven with a unbleached, natural colored yarn (ecru) as the longitudinal warp.

The towels are manufactured in Turkey – by Karnah on hand-operated looms in home workshops, using the same methods that have been used for centuries. . The local weavers use different techniques and yarns why two towels often not are completely identical.

Use them for bath, beach, fitness center, sauna and yoga, etc. As a guest towel or while traveling. As tablecloth on a table or blanket in a chair.

Karnah designs and imports towels that closely match the Nordic expression.

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